Nema Problema <3 Ben & Jerry’s

Just in time for summer 2023, Ben & Jerry’s is launching a brand-new flavor: Sunny Honey Home. This creamy lemon ice cream with smooth swirls of honey caramel and crispy lemon cookies has been created in collaboration with entrepreneurs with a refugee background to highlight and include local flavors from Syria, Afghanistan, and Morocco. Ben & Jerry’s has chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from the Nordic sales of Sunny Honey Home to Nema Problema. Why? Because, just like us, they are passionate about integration and inclusion!

Nema Problema is a nonprofit organization with the ambition of making Sweden the best at integration. Our work focuses specifically on supporting individuals who are new to Sweden in finding employment and facilitating encounters between people of different backgrounds, primarily through mentorship programs but also through various social activities.

Integration is often described as something difficult and problematic, but it doesn’t have to be. We know from experience that integration can be both enjoyable and straightforward, and that’s what we aim to convey through joy and positivity. Over the years, we have facilitated tens of thousands of meetings between newcomers and established individuals in Sweden, as well as supported thousands of newcomers in finding employment-related opportunities. We run mentorship programs where individuals who are new to Sweden are matched with established mentors who have similar professional and educational backgrounds. The mentorship program aims to support newcomers in taking steps towards the Swedish job market. Research shows that mentorship is an effective way to help foreign-born individuals enter the job market, and the results from our mentorship programs confirm this! Approximately 30% of the participants in Nema Problema’s mentorship program have secured jobs during the program, and a staggering 95% report that their mentor has helped them enter or take steps towards the job market.

”The collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s feels incredibly inspiring for us at Nema Problema because this ice cream reminds us of the joy in cultural encounters. Additionally, we are grateful for the contribution to our continued commitment to showcasing how enriching and positive integration can be.”

Petra Lindberg, Executive Director of Nema Problema