About us

This is Nema Problema

Nema Problema is a non-profit organization with integration projects in Stockholm.

Often, integration is described as something difficult and scary, but we know that integration can be both fun and easy.

  • we help newcomers find relevant occupations
  • we create encounters between newly arrived and established people in Sweden.

These areas are crucial for successful integration and they go hand in hand, since almost two out of three people in Sweden get hired through social connections.

Mentoring programs

We match new arrivals with established mentors who help achieve study and work-related goals.


New arrivals looking for jobs are matched with established mentors who has similar higher education and / or professional experience. They meet once a month for 8 months, during which the mentee takes steps closer to employment and establishes new contacts.


Newly arrived young people aged 15-22 are matched with established young adults aged 20-35. During 1 year the mentor helps the mentee to achieve goals related to jobs or studies. At the same time, both have the opportunity to get to know each other and gain new insights.

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Holiday Celebrations

We arrange great celebrations that attract thousands of visitors. These are free events where we can break prejudices, build friendships and have fun together. Since 2016, Nema Problema’s celebrations has made thousands of meetings between new and established in Sweden possible.

Holiday Celebrations

midsommar 2019 ville gör raketen
Gotlandsresa gruppbild 2019


    Du kan när som helst ta tillbaka ditt samtycke genom att kontakta info@nemaproblema.se. Läs mer om hur Nema Problema behandlar personuppgifter på nemaproblema.se/gdpr-och-integritet/