Nema Problema’s Mentoring program

Nema Problema is a non-profit organization working to help new people in Sweden into employment. We work with a mentoring program, where we match newly arrived proffessionals with an establish mentor, who has experience from working in Sweden. The mentor and the mentee meet on a regular basis, trying to help the newly arrived take steps towards the Swedish labor market. In the mentoring program, you also have the opportunity to partake in competence-building activities and networking sessions facilitated by Nema Problema.

Become a mentor

Being a mentor in Nema Problemas Mentoring program means that you support an individual with a foreign background and help your mentee to navigate the Swedish labour market. Mentorship is a concrete undertaking whereby you use your knowledge and experience to help another person – but it is also a rewarding investment of time in your own personal development.

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Become a mentee

As a mentee in Nema Problemas Mentoring program, you will receive support, advice and guidance from a mentor who is established in the Swedish labour market. The mentor can help you to expand your network, share knowledge about the Swedish labour market and the job-seeking processes, refine your CV, tell you how to prepare for job interviews, and much more.

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